Do Starlings Have A Purpose?

A week  ago I was bitter inside with the fledging and constant chatter of Starlings along  the river. I have never liked Starlings so I began to pray each morning asking God to reveal to me why it was that he created such creatures.

My prayers went on daily as I eagerly awaited a response. I came home from a birding trip last Wednesday to find my garden and back yard covered with Starlings. I quickly shoed them out of my yard, and yes, I must admit, I had anger inside of me.

I then went inside the house to get the watering can to begin watering the garden. I have been having major problems with grasshoppers so I was surprised not to see any as I watered the peppers, tomatoes, green beans, and other vegetables.

Could it be so?

I put down the watering can and went inside to research Starlings and see if they eat grasshoppers. Sure enough, they do.

I looked up with a big smile on my face and said

“I love you Lord, you work in mysterious ways. Thank you”

I went back out and finished watering the garden with a new found smile on my face.

Now, each morning when I open the blinds in the kitchen to look out over the garden, I see the Starlings walking around and pecking at the ground I smile and say

“Thank you Lord”


A Doe and her Fawn …

Jesus so Blessed me this morning along the river …

It was chilly and the rain was coming down pretty good. I was walking with my head down trying to stay as dry as possible in what was about to become a downpour. I  looked to the north just as a doe and her fawn were coming up out of the willows and out into the clearing. When the fawn reached the clearing it kicked up its heals and began bouncing all around. It would stop now and then to look over at its mother and then would again start bouncing and kicking some more.

The doe had her eyes on me the whole time but I think she was showing me her precious gift from God.

I had tears in my eyes as I stood watching this joyful little creature. I stood praising the Lord and allowing the joy to sink down deep within my heart.

I will cherish this memory forever …