Raccoons at Daybreak …

I was out along the river at daybreak when something popped up over the levee wall. At first I thought that it was going to be a cat but four more of its kind followed.

I lifted my binoculars to see a mother raccoon and her four young ones. I had my dog with me so I stopped and just watched. The mother stood frozen on the walkway as the young ones moved around full of curiosity.

I could see that they were headed over to a huge maple tree that would easily provide the shade and protection that they needed from the hot morning sun that was rising up into the sky.

I was in a bit of a hurry because I had to be to work in an hour so I took a few steps forward towards them. The mother stopped moving and stared right at me. I took a few more steps, this time she stood up on her back feet and stared right into my binoculars.

I could still see the young ones curiously scavenging around near her side. I took another few steps toward her and could see her breasts filled with milk as she stood facing me. Her eyes would move from me over to my dog, and then back to me.

I took a few more steps toward her and this time she dropped down to all fours and jumped up onto the levee wall as she chattered out to her cubs. Three of them immediately turned and ran towards their mother along the wall. The smallest one ran over to the wall but had a hard time jumping up onto it. 

I took a few more steps forward. The mother reached down with her left hand and held it  out to her youngest. I stood watching in amazement as the little one grabbed ahold of its mothers hand as she pulled it up next to her on the wall.

I took a few more steps knowing that I was going to now scare them away. All five of them jumped down from the wall and scurried off down toward the river bank. My dog loved it when he got up to where the raccoons had been. His little nose went nuts. I paused so that he could get a good scent of what it was that I am trying to keep out of my garden.

Yesterday morning I found a lone green tomato laying on the ground in my garden. I picked it up and brought it into the house. It wasn’t until I got home from work that I noticed two little teeth marks in the tomato. Raccoons?

This morning the heavy laden bush was over on its side. I picked it up and secured it back into the garden soil. Raccoons?



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3 comments on “Raccoons at Daybreak …

  1. Brenda says:

    i betchya !!! 🙂
    love your writing..feel as if i am looking through the binoculars with you!!

  2. Barbara Clark says:

    How cool….to see that mother raccoon helping her little one up onto the wall!!

  3. Beautiful imagery. Raccoons are cute. We had one who showed up on our front porch every night, ate the cat food, climbed the back fence and washed his hands in the pool! Very clean in many ways.

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