The Flickers Nest

Flickers Nest

Flickers Nest

This morning I stand at the kitchen window looking out into the backyard where a Northern Flicker is busily pecking away at the dead Locust tree.

This is day #5 of nest building. It started Sunday afternoon with the pounding, pounding, pounding against the bark of the dead tree. This morning it is just a pecking sound as the bird picks away at the inside of the tree. It works for a few minutes on the top hole and then walks down the trunk to the second hole and works on that one for a few minutes.
Like I said, this all started on Sunday afternoon (Feb 2nd) with the pecking at the bark. This morning the birds head is all the way into the tree up to its shoulders.

I stand at the back door in two pairs of socks, it is 7 degrees outside with frozen snow covering the ground and the top of the tree. There are deer tracks all over the back yard where a deer has come up from the river, over the levee, and down into my garden. Upon leaving the garden the tracks go out beside my car and up and over the levee wall. I wonder if it is the same one that came to visit back in December?

More snow is expected this weekend, what creatures will come to visit my yard?
I will post again in a few days to let you know how the nest building is going.

This truly is exciting to watch, thank you Lord for such a beautiful experience.