I was Blessed on this mornings walk …

First of all I spotted a doe up on the hillside followed by another doe walking down the trail behind her. The one in the front stopped and looked over towards the thicket where I have been watching eagerly in anticipation of fawns. She began to trot over that way followed by the other doe.

I took a few steps up river and sure enough, there was a fawn walking out of the thicket. It walked over to its mother and then two more appeared and met up with the doe that was behind the others.

The lone fawn bounced over to the twins and wanted to play but the twins mother was not having any part of that. She pawed gently at the fawn and then at the ground. The lone fawn took the hint and turned around and went back to its mother.

That excited the twins who began bouncing around on the rocky trail that they had been walking along just moments earlier.

The lone fawn spotted a Eurasian-collared Dove that was sitting on the ground just below it on the trail. The fawn put its little nose down near the ground and walked up to the bird. The bird gently flew up and moved about twenty feet away.

Well, that excited all three fawns and they all began bouncing around on the trails. I stood smiling and giggling to myself, Bambi.

Just then the mother of the lone fawn turned her head and looked up the trail. Out walked a 2 pt buck. The mother did not like that at all so she chased him off with her fawn tagging along behind her.

I walked a few more feet and saw another doe bounding through the meadow to the east of the others.

I continued on my walk and met up with still another 2 pt buck about a half mile upstream.

“What a Morning, Thank You Lord”

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One comment on “Fawns

  1. Karen says:

    YOur stories make me want to get out along the river again soon.

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