Red-tailed Hawk

As I was walking home this morning I heard Crows cawing and others flying in from every direction. Some were flying around a willow tree and others were gathered in a tree across the river. I counted twenty one in all, with one flying in and out of the tree. The willow was so thick that I couldn’t see what the crow was trying to scare out.

After a minute I contined on to check on the Osprey chicks. All was quite there and the morning air was heating up fast so I decided to come on home.

As I approached my yard I saw a large bird come flying out to the willow tree and into a locust tree in my backyard. I looked up into the tree with my binoculars and saw a fledgling Red-tailed Hawk.

It started calling out for a parent so I stood and watched. I was so close that I could see its tongue inside of its mouth as it called out. What an incredibly beautiful bird. It called and called for its parents, not wanting to scare it I came inside the house. I could hear it calling for another hour.

An hour went by with it still calling out and then it finally flew back to the willow tree. I haven’t heard it now for an hour so hopefully it has been reunited with its parents.

That was an amazing experience, thank you Lord.

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