Misty Morning

I’ve just returned from my morning walk along the river. I started out at day break with a cool mist in the air. The colors of Autumn are at their peak. I stood and watched a Northern Flicker as it jumped from branch to branch in a tree that was filled with golds and yellows. The bird looked beautiful with its black chest and speckled body set against the yellow and gold.
The Coho Salmon are in their 3rd day of coming home to the Umatilla River. This morning was fantastic. I couldn’t count how many fish I saw. Just above the rapids the river becomes really shallow and it almost looked as if the fish were walking up the rocks to get to their spawning area. The spawning ground was filled with deep rich pink colors and flashing fins as they moved around in the shallow water. Occasionally one would lift its narly white head out from the water.
As I stood above the river looking down into the water I could actually witness the “run”. Eight to ten fish would come swimming up the rapids at a time, some would slow down as they swam through the shallow spawning ground. Some stayed, and others continued on up the river.
An owl called out twice from across the river. I couldn’t see it but I smiled any way just in case it was watching me.
Three Lesser Yellow-Legs were out hunting for breakfast as I was walking home. A lone fly fisherman was just outside my back door. He wasn’t having any luck though.
The aroma of fried potatoes, yams, onions, and eggs is coming from my tiny kitchen. I am going in to enjoy a yummy meal, and then back out onto the river I go.